Adam Irizarry (Michaelson)

Adam Irizarry (Michaelson)

Adam Irizarry (also known as singer/songwriter Adam Michaelson) is a pianist, singer, songwriter, and composer originally from The Bronx in New York City. Adam began playing piano at the age of 2, and was fortunate to have parents who encouraged and nurtured his talent, putting him in formal music school at the age of 5. Though he began his studies in classical music, his penchant for improvisation soon led him to jazz music. Already an accomplished pianist by his teens, Adam met a game changing mentor when he came under the tutelage of revolutionary pianist, Kenny Werner, with whom he studied for many years. As a singer/songwriter, Adam went in the direction of rock with his original music, performing at all the well known clubs in New York.

After graduating from Manhattan School of Music, where he studied piano and voice, Adam appeared on Broadway in the lead role of "The Piano Man", in the hit Billy Joel Broadway musical, "Movin' Out", while he was an understudy for the role. A few years later, Adam played the roll of Burt Bacharach in the Shirelles musical, "Baby It's You", at the Pasadena Playhouse, where in addition to starring in the show, Adam was also the musical director and arranger.


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