About Windborne Music MasterClass

Windborne Music MasterClass provides instructional and inspirational videos in the Music & Arts field that is intended for any musician who is looking for a deeper understanding of your instrument but is recommended for intermediate to advanced performers. Our contributors will be regularly adding videos to the site, so as the year goes on those new videos will continue to help you through the process of advancing your techniques and approach to your instrument or voice. Our Contributors are world class performers who are well versed in varying styles of music and have performed with some of the world's greatest artists. Some of things you'll learn: how performers prepare for a gig, what their thought process is when practicing each day, demonstrations of how some of the more technically difficult passages are played, how to write for a rock band and orchestra, how our singers handle a 2 hour show and not wear out and much much more. And each month we will be hosting an interactive, moderated, LIVE forum where subscribers can ask questions and get deeper into their instruments with one of our contributors or guest artists. So if you feel that you have reached a plateau in your performances or even if you simply want to grow in your knowledge or get a different perspective of your instrument, voice or arrangements - Windborne Music MasterClass is for you.

What's planned for the future? Windborne Music MasterClass will be adding a new Podcast and Blog as well as some videos from guest artists and crews from orchestras and venues where Windborne Music performs around the world. We're excited about all of the opportunities we'll be able to offer our subscribers and hope you will be too. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our News page for announcements of what's coming up.